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smsPULSE V7.7 - August 23, 2012

smsPULSE V7.7 brings a number of enhancements and fixes, including:

  • New American Accounts - you can now run smsPULSE in the Americas (USA/Canada/Latin) without the need to use GSM kits.  See more below
  • Added support for routing outbound messages outside the the Americas using GSM (requires smsPULSE MM)
  • New image processing infrastructure added, with automated image size reduction now included (MMS).  Separate downloads required. See more below
  • New certificates added to support Outlook Mobile Service (OMS), for (defined within your own DNS).  See more below
  • Improved delivery performance resulting in doubling speed of delivery.  See more below
  • Doubled the amount of recipients addressable in a single post
  • Added message Echo - useful for testing and tracking.  See more here
  • Added Anti-SPAM defenses.  See more below
  • Enhanced the HTTP API to allow for Anti-SPAM white/black lists updates.  See more here
  • Fixed an issue relating to inbound MMS where only one slide was saved
  • Various Web UI fixes relating to SSL support, OMS settings
  • Updated documentation relating to Directory Lookups. See more here
  • Added APN pool (MMS).  See more here
  • Added new Cell Key lookup and retrieval features in Web UI.  See more here

American Accounts (North and Latin)

smsPULSE now offers a range of new accounts explicitly for use in the USA, Canada and Latin America. The accounts are designed for American companies and institutions who wish to mainly send and receive messages in the territory. The new accounts offer the following:

  1. No hardware required (unless delivery outside America is required, or sending/receiving of MMS)
  2. One or more virtual numbers with each account. Virtual numbers allow mobile users to reply to out bound messages
  3. Accounts require setup fee and monthly payments
  4. Credits are included with each subscription with options to buy extra credits. Credits do not expire from month to month but may expire after a year if the account is not used
  5. Message delivery is near instant, four seconds is common
  6. Limit of 10,000 messages per month and 5,000 per 24 hours - some exception may apply to Law Enforcement Agencies
  7. Low cost messaging
  8. You can use both normal numbers and short codes with the above

Note: you can now evaluate North American accounts by installing the smsPULSE Server and simply selecting a checkbox in the system profile - easy.

Coverage: Please check this list

Please contact us for further information about pricing and further features to


Image processing (MMS)

With this release of smsPULSE we have added a basic function which will reduce the size of images you send using your MMS lines. This integration opens the way forward for more features such as image stamping (both in-bound and out-bound), image cropping using the web UI and so on.  For now, the smsPULSE server will automatically reduce the size of an image you send to ensure it is sent quickly.  From tests carried out on many images it appears that the image quality is largely retained. If you activate this or wish to use a future imaging function you will need to download and install one of the additional image processing modules. These are available through the downloads page. To learn more about it click here.

New certificates for OMS

Users who wish to experiment or use the OMS features of smsPULSE found it hard to facilitate the provisioning of SSL on the smsPULSE server, largely due to internal admin issues. With this release of smsPULSE we provide the SSL certificates. This means the only thing you need to do is change the DNS settings on your network in such a way that the address points at your own internal server.  Of course you can still obtain your own certificates or update to your own certificates later on. There is no cost for this so go ahead and get OMS working. To learn more about obtaining SSL, click here.

Increase speed in posting large amount of SMS

We have improved the speed your messages are being posted. We have also doubled the amount of recipients sent in a single post, when sending a batch of messages using the same content. The net result of this is that, for example, an alert to say 50,000 subscribers would leave smsPULSE in under three minutes.

New Anti-SPAM features

Some clients complained that as soon as they hooked their GSM kits to the smsPULSE server, unwanted messages, aka SPAM, started to come in and get in the way. Our new Anti-SPAM defenses will now filter the majority of these annoying messages. You can control the features through the smsPULSE admin database (sms.ADMIN) and using the administration interface on the smsPULSE Web UI. To learn more about the Anti-SPAM feature see here. You may also update the Anti-SPAM white and black lists using the HTTP API. These list are checked before the general Anti-SPAM rules. Check the API by reading here.


You can download version 7.7 from now.  Click here to download.