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Enabling smsPULSE

smsPULSE makes few demands on your Lotus Domino environment. The application is server based so that users can benefit from its feature with little administration load. The smsPULSE install program will place all the required files on your server for you.

Operations Modes
The product works in two main modes, evaluation and licensed:

In this mode you are entitled to send up to 20 free SMS messages (we will pay for these). If you are using a GSM device you may send as many messages as you like but these will be sliced in half and stamped by the software. Please note that long messages (> 140 characters) will consume your credit faster so we would suggest that you keep your test messages short. You will need our registration file in the Domino data directory while in this mode.

In this mode there are no operational restrictions, anyone in your organisation can generate messages by email or through applications. However, you must always have enough credits (obtained through our website), otherwise messages will stay in either the main database (smspulse.nsf) or the mail-in (

License types
The following license types are available:

smsPULSE Standard editionHTTPS
smsPULSE Standard edition extendedHTTPS, Multiple Domino domains
smsPULSE MM editionHTTPS/GSM, 2-way, Multiple GSM Lines
smsPULSE MM edition extendedHTTPS/GSM, 2-way, Multiple GSM Lines, Multiple domains
smsPULSE Standard edition BPHTTPS
smsPULSE MM edition BPHTTPS/GSM, 2-way, Multiple GSM Lines
BP: Authorised Business Partner

Once you have consumed your SMS evaluation credits, you will not be able to use the program any further until you purchase a license. At that point you will also need to enroll for SMS message credits with our SMS Centre (SMSC).

To obtain a license
Please contact us and we will inform you of the best way to obtain a license and how to pay for it. Once you have purchased the product, we will send you a license file (smspulse.lic) and all you have to do is:
  1. Place the file in the Domino server data directory
  2. Enter the license key in the smsPULSE system profile
  3. Save the profile and restart the smsPULSE add-in (you may also use the server command "tell smspulse re")
If you use any of the DM or MM type licenses you will also need a "Cell Key" for each licensed file. See here for more details. Database 'sms.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Cell Key File V4'