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Dashboard Help

To use smsPULSE you need to follow a simple process, all of which is handled within the dashboard:

  1. Download smsPULSE
  2. Install and evaluate the program in your organization
  3. Assuming you are happy with the product, return back to the dashboard to make a purchase
  4. Create a SMSC account
  5. Finally, buy SMS credits. You will need to come back to this step alone whenever you need more sms credits.

Edit Profile
You can change your details at any time. However, you should note that your Organization name and promotion code are used only when purchasing smsPULSE, when a license is issued and a cost is calculated. We communicate with you using the email address in your profile.

Buy smsPULSE
You do not fill any details here. However, this action uses information in your profile to make the purchase quick and simple. If you are in possession of a promotion code you must remember to record it in your profile before you click on the buy link. Press continue to advance to the secure payment stage. We send you a license file using the email address in your profile.

Create SMSC Account
This is a one-off action. You need to specify a new user name and password of your choice. You cannot change these later (and there should be no reason for you to change these). Once the SMSC account creation is complete, you will be given an API_ID. You will need these three items in your smsPULSE set-up profile document.

Buying SMS Credits
You can only buy credits if you have already created the SMSC account above. The process is simple, just type the number of credits you require and proceed to the secure payment stage. We send you a confirmation using the email address in your profile. Please note that promotion codes are NOT applicable here.

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