Our deal for IBM Business Partners who would like to benefit from an easy to deploy product for their clients Anonymousprnt::Y

For ISVs and Business Partners

Get a copy of smsPULSE for Windows or smsPULSE for Domino at a discounted rate. Some versions are available for FREE.

smsPULSE MM is offered at 50% to business partners.

As an ISV, you may have been wondering what SMS/MMS integration could do for you or your clients' business. With smsPULSE we have all the answers and it has never been easier to get SMS to work for you.

Who Qualifies

To qualify you must be actively promoting Microsoft Software or IBM Domino, and/or selling your own products which run on Windows or Domino.


When providing solutions to your clients you will be much better positioned to offer your services armed with a full knowledge of smsPULSE.

Having the product in-house allows you to integrate it into your products, offer services around it, and of course use it internally for your own purposes.

Deriving services revenue from the sales of smsPULSE has proved beneficial to many partners, at a very low entry cost.

Our resellers are not exclusive (the market is large enough for all of us), so become one today and start generating new business with smsPULSE. Click here for a list of resellers.

Start by downloading the software

Try it out, tell your clients (or even sell it to them), then use it. This is the process:

  1. Register on the smsPULSE website. Only a little information is required
  2. Download the software
  3. Install it. It takes minutes and requires no hardware
  4. Get your clients to evaluate it

What we get out of this

We are certain that you would like the software, in fact we think you will be amazed at how easy it is to get it installed and working. We also believe that you will return the favor by recommending the software to your clients and you could even use it to generate consultancy and development fees. Everybody wins.

The proof and the link

We don't need much of it... you simply request your free license from the dashboard providing:

  1. A URL showing you are an ISV or an IBM Business Partner
  2. A URL to the page on your website where you propose to put a link to this website (or a hidden link which can be found by a web crawler like Google)

Your commitment

We do not ask much...

  1. Ensure that the link to our site is always available as long as you use the software
  2. Do not use the software to send messages on behalf of others
  3. Promote the product and your services surrounding it - only if you are completely happy with the product of course


We reserves the right to refuse this offer to any company who competes directly or indirectly with smsPULSE or Public.Class Limited.