Send us a MMS message and see it here. Use... +44 78 9628 8501

This page demonstrates smsPULSE MMS inbound feature. As an integral component of smsPULSE MM, the module is designed to provide processing of incoming MMS messages.

How to test

Use your mobile phone to send an MMS message to the number at the top right of this page. Add the text "mmstest". In order to see your message here, click on the check-box below and type your phone number (of the mobile you have just used to send a text message).

So what happens?
  1. You send us MMS
  2. smsLINES collects your message from the MMSC and drops it in sms.IN database
  3. smsROUTER matches your message to a "Routing Rule"
  4. The rule indicates that your message has to be stored in a database - stores it
  5. A cascading rule tell smsROUTER to send you a message back to say its ready
  6. The image is displayed after you type your number and tick the check box
  7. We clear messages every 30 minutes.
And all smsROUTER actions were achived without any programming

Note: To see the Router Rules used for this test, click here
Another Note: We automatically delete MMS every 30 mins, so check right away.

I have sent a test MMS and got SMS saying its ready

We will show you the image based on the number you type below...
My moble number is:
Number format is: <CountryCode><Number>, for example 447787123456