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This page demonstrates smsROUTER. As an integral component of smsPULSE MM, the module is designed to provide processing of incoming text messages.

Routing types

smsROUTER handles two types of inbound routing of messages. The types are:
  • Rule-based: you define rules and smsROUTER uses these to take actions
  • Context-based: you send a text message to somone, when they reply it comes back to you. This is automatic.
In this demo we only show the first type.

How to test

In all the tests below, send a text message to one of the above numbers from your mobile phone. You must then click on the checkbox at the bottom of this page to see the test results.

1.Database update
Type and send the word, as follows...
"intest1" or "intest2"
Check the result at the bottom of this page.
2. Text to Email
Type a token with your email address as follows...
"#sr yourEmailHere#"
Replace 'yourEmailHere' with your own email address and ensure you use your own details. You may combine this with the above test 1. Check your email for a message from smsROUTER

3.Database update & LotusScript agent
Add two tokens to recieve a Google search result to your email, as follows:
"#to yourEmailHere#" and "#goog yourSearchCriteriaHere#"
Replace 'yourSearchCriteriaHere' with your own criteria. Use your own details only and check your email for a message from smsROUTER

I have sent a test SMS