Powerful yet simple Architecture of smsPULSE, manageable by the Domino Admin client Anonymousprnt::Y

smsPULSE for Domino Servers - Architecture

smsPULSE runs on a Domino Server. Notes client components are optional. The system is comprised of the following components:

  1. Three server add-ins running inside the Domino server
  2. A set of databases containing message data, contact list, setup documents and so on
  3. Connectivity is provided via an internet gateway of HTTPS, SMPP to a mobile operator or using GSM devices (max 32)

For more details on each component click below for a brief explanation in a popup.

notes client 4 notes client 3 notes client 2 notes client 1 gsm devices domino server mobile handsets HTTPS SMSC GSM comms HTTPS comms
Client Machines
Notes client can use smsPULSE without any change (any version). Alternatively you may use some of our supplied forms to assists with addressing. Other clients such as browsers and bespoke systems may also use smsPULSE in a seemless way.
GSM Devices
You may use a range of GSM devices, connected using a COM port (RS-232), or Windows TAPI devices (including USB). We directly support a number of Siemens GSM devices and others. We can provide you with a complete GSM kit (bar the SIM card) and test it with smsPULSE before delivery.
Domino Server
The server hosts the smsPULSE server, like other common tasks. The server versions supported are 32 bit Domino 7.0.3 upwards, running on Windows or 64 bit Domino 8.0.1 upwards, running on Windows 64 bit OS. We always test the smsPULSE server on the latest Domino release as soon as it becomes available.
Mobile Handset
Supported devices are all those that can receive SMS and MMS. Devices in use in most worldwide networks are supported. For a list of mobile networks please check the Network Tables available on the menu above.
HTTPS Connection through your firewall
All HTTPS connections require that you open port 443 in your firewall, outbound only. All message content is encrypted (hence the S in HTTPS). All firewalls should allow you to open this port alone.
Internet SMS Gateway
Our Internet SMS Gateway acts as an SMSC to all HTTPS based messages. smsPULSE maintains an open session with the SMSC so that your messages are delivered in seconds. A single server sends 600 sms/minute.
GSM Communication
With this protocol smsPULSE transmits SMS messages using the local network, a network of your choice. The smsPULSE server monitors the health state of each of the modems to ensure the both outbound and inbound messages are handled on time.
HTTPS Connectivity
This protocol is supported in both the MM and Standard versions. The protocol offers high volume broadcasting at a fix cost, internationally. In MM, the system switches to GSM-only in the case of no connection.

Server Components

For more details on each component click below for a brief explanation in a popup.

sms.ACK sms.ACK sms.RAWQ sms.JOUR sms.BOX sms.IN sms.ADMIN sms.ACK Other tasks Domain server sms.OUT smsLINES task smsROUTER 
task smsPULSE task sms.HELP
sms.RAWQ, Comms Line Raw Queue
This database stores all messages that are due for delivery using non-HTTPS comms. It stores the messages locally so that in the event of system fault no messages are lost. It also assists in managing load balancing when using a GSM Array and recovery in the event of device failure.
sms.JOUR, Message Journal
Keep track of all your sms traffic by storing messages in the sms journal. Database access rights are set to allow access to administrators only, in line with common messaging policies.
sms.BOX, Outbound DB
This database receives messages from users or applications via email, both internal and external. We support standard email, using a mail-in definition, and a Foreign Domain set-up, (sms.OUT serves as a native directory).
sms.IN, Inbound sms
sms.IN is the database where all new inbound messages arrive. We support split messages as well as Unicode ones. The smsROUTER processes messages here using Routing Rules (email or database update).
sms.ADMIN, System Administrator\s Home
The database offers a single point for all admin related activities. The system central profile, country lists and Router Rules are all set from here. For more info on Router Rules and smsROUTER see sms.HELP.
sms.ACK, Delivery Acknowledgement
When using the HTTPS protocol, the SMS gateway is able to confirm message delivery for messages requesting this. The Domino server and this database must be visible to the outside world on the Domino HTTP server.
Server Tasks
smsPULSE Add-in task sit side by side with all other Domino Server add-in tasks. In the same way that Domino tasks are managed using the admin client, smsPULSE tasks are. The impact of the smsPULSE tasks on your existing tasks is negligible.
Domino Server
The smsPULSE server runs within the Domino server.
sms.OUT, Outbound DB and Directory
This database is a core smsPULSE component. It contains functions for sending single and multiple recipient messages. It also stores the mobile directory, smart groups, message templates and others.
smsLINES, comms line handler
This task handles all none-HTTPS communication, both ways. The tasks also monitors the health state of all attached devices and sends notifications if anything prevents these from providing the expected service. The task is managed using the Domino Admin Client.
smsROUTER, in-bound SMS router
This task handles inbound SMS messages after these have been accepted by the smsLINES task. smsROUTER offers smart inbound routing using Router Rules and context routing. This is a core part of the server which facilitates workflow applications over GSM.
smsPULSE, main server task
This tasks does most of the work in the sms server environment. It is also responsible for launching the other smsPULSE tasks running on your server. The task mostly deals with handling messages and broadcasting over HTTPS. It is also responsible for fail-over monitoring. The task is managed using the Domino Admin Client.
sms.HELP, all the help you need
This database is installed whenever you install smsPULSE and is available to all users and administrators. All the pages in this database are also available on this web site.
A complete web browser interface to smsPULSE offering two levels for access for both administrators and end users. Uses the latest Web2 methods and powerful user interface of xPages and Dojo
A friendly log file recording activities performed while using the smsPULSE Web UI. This allows administrators to monitor what users are doing with smsPULSE Web UI and help in troubleshooting.

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