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What is smsPULSE

smsPULSE is a powerful mobile messaging server software designed for organizations of all sizes, handling SMS and MMS alike. The server is installed on your network and allows you to create a secure, dedicated service. The solution can be served as a secure cloud solution exclusive to your own user community.

If you are looking to strengthen your relationships with clients, suppliers, users - in fact anyone with a cell phone - you are in the right place.
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Version 9.1.0 - Available from 16 February 2022
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange
  • Embedded in IBM Domino
  • Rich in protocols
  • Developed over eight years
  • Fast and robust
  • Suitable for small companies
  • Suitable for large multi-nationals
  • Easy to integrate
  • Powerful work-flow features
  • Handles multi-media files (MMS)

Powerful Architecture

Use a range of connections to and from mobile networks. Use SMPP, HTTPS or a variety of modem arrays. These provide a variety of configuration options that meet a variety of needs: from highly secure to top speed configurations, and anything in between.
smsPULSE for Windows Server
smsPULSE for Domino Server

Scalable Solution

Suitable for small and large organizations alike. Start small and add more features as needed. From simple outbound SMS at low volume to massive volume at unprecedented speeds.

The server is available to small companies with few employees and to large multi-nationals with thousands of employees distributed accross the globe.
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Two-way SMS/MMS

Send and receive to and from cell phones worldwide. Use our Internet SMSC or use your own SIM card and a GSM modem.

Create complete applications using smsROUTER, a component of smsPULSE. The rules-base system allows for complex functions with little programming.
Choices for in-bound processing
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Easy to integrate

Add SMS/MMS features to any application capable of sending email such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino, or use API. Applicable to small and large companies alike. Install and operate in minutes - no hardware required for the Standard Edition. Use GSM/GPRS/CDMA modem for two-way SMS/MMS, using smsPULSE MM edition.
Domino API (COM)
Email to SMS
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ISVs and Partners
If you are a software developer with an existing customer base and need to deliver SMS/MMS services to your clients, you can become a partner for our software in no time. You do not have to commit to anything.
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