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Version 8.0 - Available from 25 April 2013

smsPULSE is a powerful SMS/MMS server designed for organisations of all sizes. If you are looking to strengthen your relationships with clients, suppliers, users - in fact anyone - you are in the right place - click here for more Information.  Lookout for our new OMS implementation for Microsoft Outlook.

Powerful Architecture: use HTTP connection and/or a GSM device array. High level of security and resilience. See architectures for smsPULSE for Windows and smsPULSE for Domino Workflow enabled: Create complete applications using smsROUTER, a component of smsPULSE. The Rules-base system allows for complex functions with little programming. See in-bound processing
Scalable Solution: Suitable for small and large organizations alike. Start small and add more features as needed. From simple outbound SMS to 2-way SMS/MMS. Compare smsPULSE Editions Easy to integrate: add SMS/MMS features to any application capable of sending email such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino, or use API. For small and large companies alike. Read more
Two-way SMS/MMS: Send and receive to and from cell phones worldwide. Use our Internet SMSC or use your own SIM card and a GSM modem. Test outbound: SMS or MMS (login) Low running cost: buy as many SMS credits as you like when you need them or buy your own credits with your own ISP - smsPULSE MM only. Check worldwide networks coverage
SMS/MMS Server: An industrial strength SMS/MMS server for Windows providing superb value. No other solution can match smsPULSE, and we'll prove it to you. See product presentation. Browser Interface:  a complete browser interface to all functions and controls. Two distinct interfaces for administrators and end users. You can also style it to your corporate look.
High Volume: Capable of handling thousands of messages per hour for systems that require bursts. This requires our HTTPS option available in all product versions. Ease of use: Install and operate in minutes - no hardware required for the Standard Edition. Use GSM/GPRS modem for two-way SMS/MMS, using smsPULSE MM edition. Register to try it today

Enablement & Integration Services

Many organisations believe that SMS enablement of their systems is either complex, expensive or both. With smsPULSE we prove them wrong. With smsPULSE we bring the costs of up-front and ongoing spending down. Coupled with our integration services, companies can easily assess the costs of such facilities and make decisions based on reality.

Why SMS enablement with smsPULSE is economical:

  1. Reliance on solid platforms as the smsPULSE Server
  2. An SMS server that is flexible and reliable with a proven track record in 22 countries
  3. A development environment which is versatile
  4. Services which are highly focused and effective
  5. Server cost is low, message costs are low and our service charges are very competitive

So what's on offer?

You can purchase smsPULSE today and integrate it into your system using your own IT department, a business partner or one of our resellers.  But you can also ask us to do this for you.  We will:

  1. Work with your existing service providers, if required
  2. Analyse your exsisting systems - relevant parts only, of course
  3. Advise on integration options and suggest our own ideas
  4. Quote on service provision and software/hardware costs
  5. Help you calculate return on investment
  6. Deliver and maintain our services and software
  7. Integrate the service with the product or the product with the services
  8. Complete facility management solution


We offer the service worldwide as long as we can access your systems remotely. In most cases we do not even have to meet but will of course travel if a project is deemed large and such meetings are warranted.

Some worldwide clients

Download smsPULSE for FREE and get 75 FREE messages.

Get smsPULSE now, it's easy: register, download, install and send your first text messages within 10 minutes. Click here to register.

"smsPULSE helped us implement a new service for our clients with ease and at low cost. It just works"
"We have used smsPULSE for years and we still love it - it is always available and very easy to use"

ISVs and Partners

If you are a software developer with an existing customer base and require to deliver SMS/MMS services to your clients you can become a partner for our softare in no time.  You do not have to commit to anything: See more details here

"We integrated smsPULSE for a client in no time. Client was happy and asked for more integration works, which was very profitable for us."