smsPULSE V5.0.2 - September 22nd 2010

What's new

  1. smsPULSE Windows 64 Bit 
  2. MMS online tests
  3. Dynamic sms.OUT sending forms depending on your Notes clients version
  4. Added "ReplyTo" in the API change
  5. New system-wide email for failed messages

Bug fixes

Not too many to report here... we are pleased to announce...

  1. Fixed a bug which prevented rejection emails from being addressed properly for SMS which was e-mailed but contained no data
  2. Fixed a bug in the installer which did not identify the Domino data and program directory (some circumstances)

New items

smsPULSE 5.0.2 64 bit

After a break since release 4.5 of smsPULSE we are pleased to announce the release of a Windows 64 bit version of the server.

MMS Tests

You can now test our MMS server using the MM1 protocol right here from the smsPULSE site. You may send us images from your cell phone or ask our server to send you images. To receive messages you have to be logged in. At the moment the feature is not restricted but if abused restrictions will be implemented.

Please remember that MMS messages take longer to send so you do not need to send repeat messages... your messages will arrive. Needless to say you must have a phone that is able to receive MMS.

Test inbound MMS
Test outbound MMS

Dynamic support for Notes client forms

With this version the latest smsPULSE forms in sms.OUT will work on both Notes 8 clients and above, and older version of Notes. Please note:

  1. smsPULSE 5 native forms use a feature introduced in Notes 8 and cannot be used in Notes 7 or older clients
  2. If you use Notes 7 client or older, the form you see on the right will be used instead, automatically
  3. All features are available on both versions of the forms
  4. Server functionality and the smsPULSE API are not affected

The new V5 forms are different in that they require no popups and include new tabs.

API change

The API now allows for a "replyTo" field which will be used by smsPULSE to send failure messages to a destination of your choice. This is particularly useful when SMS messages are sent mostly by applications and not people, where failures need to be directed to individuals for examination. Please see also the new and related system profile item, which performs the same function, but does not require an individual value set for each document.  See below.  For the API click here

System-wide email address on SMS failures

You can now specify a single email address where all failed SMS messages will be directed to. This only applies to messages which are e-mailed to smsPULSE. To see the system setup see here

smsPULSE V5 - July 4th 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of smsPULSE V5.  We have made many enhancements to the server and built on the solid foundation of smsPULSE V4.

To compare smsPULSE product versions, click here.

What's new

  1. Two-way MMS. You may now send and receive SMS and MMS to and from the Domino environments
  2. Use GPRS devices using the MM1 protocol
  3. Easy to setup and test devices
  4. Send and receive SMS and MMS using the same communication line 
  5. Easily configured with any network which supports MMS (so far we have not found one that does not) 
  6. Enhanced automation in the installer - new communication lines are created and enabled automatically
  7. Better disaster recovery
  8. Intelligent message distribution and load balancing
  9. New forms for sending messages from sms.OUT, including the addition and verification of MMS attachments 
  10. Updated API to support MMS 
  11. Updated smsROUTER to handle inbound MMS
  12. Revised system configuration 
  13. New console commands 
  14. Updated documentation 

Please note that MMS requires an additional license.

MMS Communication Line

This image shows an MMS Line configured with the MM1 protocol. You need a GPRS compatible modem and connection details to your SIM provider. You may have up to 16 modems connected in an array.  Click here to send yourself a test MMS (login required)

Setting of MMS line using 

Inbound MMS in your mail file

MMS Messages arrive effortlessly into your mail box, or, if you have set-up Routing Rules, into a Domino database. It's easy to add intelligent routing which routes such messages to particular context in any Domino database.

Click here to send us a test MMS, and see it on-line

Built on the strong foundation of smsPULSE V4

This release relies, as you would expect, on the stability and richness of functionality of smsPULSE V4.  For an overview of this release and upgrade notes click here.

Upgrading to smsPULSE V5

If you use smsPULSE V4 please note the following:

  1. Check that you are entitled to use this release by checking your maintenance period. Login to the dashboard and click on License Access.
  2. Obtain an updated license using the function presented on the same page as your entitlement
  3. Download the software
  4. Install the software and launch smsPULSE in the normal way, using the console command, "load smspulse"
  5. Upgrade the design of the databases by typing "tell smspulse design"
  6. To obtain a license to MMS line please email us for a quote

New to smsPULSE?

  1. Register on this site - it's quick and easy
  2. Download the software
  3. Install on your Domino server
  4. Please email us for a quote or submit your query
  5. see smsPULSE new Admin UI