Enablement & Integration Services

Many organisations believe that SMS enablement of their systems is either complex, expensive or both. With smsPULSE we prove them wrong. With smsPULSE we bring the costs of up-front and ongoing spending down. Coupled with our integration services, companies can easily assess the costs of such facilities and make decisions based on facts.

Why SMS enablement with smsPULSE is economical

  1. Reliance on solid platforms as the smsPULSE Server
  2. An SMS server that is flexible and reliable with a proven track record in 22 countries
  3. A development environment which is versatile
  4. Services which are highly focused and effective
  5. Server cost is low, message costs are low and our services charges are very competitive

So what's on offer?

You can purchase smsPULSE today and integrate it into your system using your own IT department, a business partner or one of our resellers. You can also ask us to do this for you. We will:

  1. Work with your existing service providers, if required
  2. Analyse your exsisting systems - relevant parts only, of course
  3. Advise on integration options and suggest our own ideas
  4. Quote on service provision and software/hardware costs
  5. Help you calculate return on investment
  6. Deliver and maintain our services and software
  7. Integrate the service with the product or the product with the services
  8. Complete facility management solution


We offer the service worldwide as long as we can access your systems remotely. In most cases we do not even have to meet but will of course travel if a project is deemed large and such meetings are warranted.