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Frequent Contacts

smsPULSE offers three easy ways to create contacts in your database.

smsPULSE Windows Server
Access the contacts directory using a browser:

Click on a name to edit the contact:

1. The first time you send a message to someone, ask the system to "remember" it, with your help of course. Just remember to tick the "Add to Frequent Contacts" check-box in the Send SMS form:

2. Create contact records in the Contacts view. Simply click on the "New Contact" button:

3. Finally, get contacts from your Personal address book (names.nsf): copy the records you need by first selecting them, then copy them to the Clipboard, then paste them into the Contacts view. Each new record will be created with your default country and marked with a red cross until you edit the record mobile number (remove plus signs and country codes). The mark will be: