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SMS Conversations

You can combine the use of smsPULSE and smsROUTER to facilitate a conversations with a mobile user. The service requires:

  1. smsPULSE MM
  2. smsROUTER running
  3. Foreign Domain configured

  1. You send a text message to a user via GSM (see how below)
  2. The user replies to your text
  3. The text arrives into your mail file (like all other email)
  4. You click on "Reply" and send a new text message
And the process repeats 2-4.

To force a message to go via the attached GSM device, please format it as follows:
  1. The number must be in standard number format, eg <country-Code><number-with-no-zeros>.
  2. The text "gsm" must be in lower case
  3. When you use a person or group name, if these include the characters "gsm" anywhere in the name, the entire group will be marked to go via GSM. Again, "gsm" must be in lower case

roamers-Gsm@smsDomain - will not go over GSM unless the system forces all messages via GSM.