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VMware Installation

When you install smsPULSE on a Domino server running within a VMware Windows partition you can configure your machine serial ports to work with that partition. Please note that there should be no other partition that binds to these COM ports as the smsPULSE installation on the partition will report an error.

Note: MM1 was not tested to run within a VMware hosting environment.

The following shows the setup in a VMware Workstation but the same should apply to other VMware versions.

Please ensure that the VM is turned OFF before you add a Serial Port:

Adding a Serial Port
In this partition we already have a Serial Port defined, so we'll add another (the server uses two GSM devices):

Configure a new Serial Port
Use a physical serial port from the host OS:

Just add COM2 and click finish:

The list of devices will now show the two serial ports:

Test smsPULSE with the new ports
When smsLINES starts on Domino you should see a similar screen:

For more information on smsLINES click here Database 'sms.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'smsLINES'.

Send a test SMS from the console
You may now conclude the configuration by issuing a test command, for example:

Port Conflicts
If the ports have been defined on another partition or "grabbed" by the host, an error of this kind will show: