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Hybrid Configuration

From smsPULSE V8.5 you can run the server with a Hybrid Configuration, called smsPULSE Hybrid. To enable a Hybrid configuration a special licence must be provided for this purpose. In a Hybrid configuration an additional gateway account is added to the current main account. Messages are sent as before but you can force some message to be sent via the secondary account, and not the primary one. The following configurations are available:

Hybrid configurations

Primary accountSecondary account
smsPULSE InternationalsmsPULSE USA
smsPULSE USAsmsPULSE International
SMPP (including multi session)smsPULSE USA
SMPP (including multi session)smsPULSE International
smsPULSE SMPP (unlimited MPS)smsPULSE USA
smsPULSE SMPP (unlimited MPS)smsPULSE International

In each of the above cases, a GSM array may be added to provide local coverage plus support for MMS over the MM1 protocol. You need to have a smsPULSE MM license or smsPULSE Enterprise in order to use smsPULSE Hybrid.

Please note that when you use a USA account a phone number is attached to the account and inbound SMS may be configured via this number.

Why use Hybrid
  • You are using SMPP with a local phone company but wish to use our international gateway for other countries
  • You are using smsPULSE USA account and wish to use smsPULSE International account for messages outside the USA
  • You are using the smsPULSE International account and need USA cover without the need to install a modem for USA support

Configuring smsPULSE for Hybrid
The following describe the steps required for configuring a Hybrid installation:
  1. Obtain a Hybrid license file. Place the file in the server data directory
  2. Open the smsPULSE System Profile and tell the system you wish to use the Hybrid configuration
  3. Add phone number prefixes you wish the server to select for when sending over the Secondary account
  4. Save the system profile and restart smsPULSE. When smsPULSE starts it will show that it runs in Hybrid mode and will show the Secondary account balance (the secondary account is called the Hybrid account)

Configure the System Profile

In the Web UI, same information is available:

When smsPULSE loads...
> lo smspulse
03/06/2014 18:42:49 smsPULSE: V8.5.0.934, 3 June 2014, (c)Public.Class Ltd
03/06/2014 18:42:49 smsPULSE: Using to send email messages.
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: All messages are over Foreign Domain
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Setup using profile data.
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Directory-based usage list not set
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Clean up (days) - Outbound: 500, Journaled: 500, Inbound: 100
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Reading 1 Directory Lookup
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: View SMSLOOK in Main NAB opened OK
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Multi-Mode Licence - Gateway and Modems
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Multi-Mode using both Gateway and Modems
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Gateway used: SMPP
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Hybrid account loaded and will be used
03/06/2014 18:42:52 smsPULSE: Maintenance expires on: 24 March 2017
03/06/2014 18:42:54 smsPULSE: Hybrid SMS Credit units: 26897
03/06/2014 18:42:54 smsPULSE: Ready.