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Cell Key access

You will need to obtain a new "Cell Key File" from for each SIM Card you have configured to work with smsPULSE. If you are upgrading to smsPULSE V4 you will need to repeat this easy task as described below. Please note that this is only relevant to smsPULSE DM or smsPULSE MM and is not required while in evaluation mode.

Using the smsPULSE Web UI makes getting the number to request a cell key, and even fetching the license, easy. Your server must have internet access for these features, otherwise you will have to get these yourself, as described below.

Open a communication line document used in your system, and click on the License tab:

Fill the details as marked above. You can obtain the phone number from the smsPULSE website by clicking on the magnifying glass. Remember to tick the "Send Cell key...". Finally, restart smsLINES by typing the following line at the Domino console:
"tell smslines restart"
smsLINES will send your request to the smsPULSE server and the server will create the Cell Key for you. This will take seconds to complete.

How to obtain a Cell Key File
1. Login to
2. From the dashboard click on "Cell Key Access"

3. Select an smsPULSE V4 key. You may have existing, V3, keys in the same page and you will see that the new V4 ones also contain the IMSI code of a SIM

4. Click on the golden icon and the Cell key will display on screen
5. Copy the key and paste it into the Communication Line document as indicated on the page. Save and close the document
6. Restart smsLINES

If you change your SIM card you will need to follow the same process again.
There is no charge or licensing for Cell Key files.

If you need assistance with any of the above we are here to help, email us on