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MMS using the Web UI

You may send images and .vcf files with smsPULSE via MMS. Please note that vcf files may be sent from version 8.1.6.

The means to send MMS are similar to sending normal SMS but require the additional step of preparing an image in advance. You can add images to the system in two ways:
Open the MMS Image Store:

Click on "New Image" (on the right):

Select an image from the PC or your network, name it, tag it and submit it. A list of images available will now show:

Another way of adding images to the database is by pushing an image the server has already received in the past. This is achieved as follows:
1. Open the list of Inbound Messages
2. Open an MMS message

The image will be instantly pushed to the MMS Image Store, and you will be able to use it to construct MMS messages like this: