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API - in Rules

From smsPULSE V7.1 you can send SMS/MMS using a Router Rule

Use the following fields in your computations. Only the first is mandatory.

  1. smsBody: Your message text, and the only required field. If the text is long it may be split into a number of messages and possibly truncated
  2. smsMobiles: Optional. The mobile numbers in the "Standard" number form. If you omit this field, the original sender number is used
  3. smsMobileFrom: Optional. A mobile number which may identify your messages to the receiver. Note: if you are using a gateway that dictates sender names you must use one of these here. If you omit this field, the GSM modem that received the original message will be used.
  4. deleteMe: "Y". Tells smsPULSE to delete sent messages. This is case sensitive so use "Y" if you wish the records to be deleted
  5. gsm: Optional. Set to "Y" to force the message to be sent via the attached GSM device. Multi-Mode only.
  6. gsmQue: Optional. Set the queue number you wish your message to be sent through. This applies to smsPULSE MM V4 only when more then one device is attached. See here Database 'sms.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'smsLINES Queues'.
  7. smsDelayDate and smsDelayTime: These fields may be used to delay the delivery of the message until the desired time. The smsDelayTime field refines smsDelayDate
  8. smsRule: Optional. The name of the rule you wish executed should the sender reply again
  9. Files: Optional. Complete path to media files you wish to add to the message, separated with vertical bars (|). Your system must be licensed and enabled for MMS
  10. smsCallback: Optional. Set this field to "Y" for delivery confirmation
  11. smsFlash: Optional. Set to "Y" to display the message on the users screen without opening it

Number formats
The mobile number must be stripped of any leading zeros. Any leading zeros or other characters ahead of the country code will be removed. Then the SMS is sent.