smsPULSE V3.8.8 is here

01 January 2009

Consistent with our regular software release interval, this new release brings a number of new features and fixes.

New Features

  1. Added "From Override" service where the sender identity is automatically set to another identity, depending on the sender.  This feature allows a user to generate messages from systems where the usage of the smsPULSE API is not possible but the need to set the "From" identity is required, click here for more info.
  2. Added a console command which tells the server's GSM module to expose many of its events and activities. This is useful when troubleshooting a system where GSM delivery appears temperamental or many retries are attempted.
  3. Added more details on GSM messages to the console showing the number of retries required to send each GSM message.
  4. Added new console commands which link the smsPULSE databases and their templates and update the design of the current databases. This is particularly useful in managing the design of smsPULSE database for resellers who modify the design or for other users who simply upgrade. Use the command "tell smspulse design", see console commands.
  5. smsPULSE will now select the correct mail box on a server where there is a conflict between the server setup and actual files on disk. In previous versions it only gave a warning.
  6. Various other minor improvements.


  1. Fixed a number of issues with the GSM module caused by memory corruption.
  2. Other minor fixes.

About using this release

Please remember that you can take advantage of this release if you have active software maintenance only. To check your status you can either login to this website and check your licensing status from the smsPULSE dashboard. Alternatively, you may check your smsPULSE installation by typing the console command "tell smspulse st".