New features and fixes in smsPULSE V5.0.2 Anonymousprnt::Y

smsPULSE V4.0.8 is here

1 November 2009

Consistent with our regular software release interval, this new release bring a number of new features and fixes.  You can get it here.


  1. Fixes issues relating to selection of current
  2. Better handling of Cell Key requests, when the current Cell Key does not match
  3. Better handling when a GSM device internal memory does not empty incoming messages
  4. Improved performance when multiple GSM devices broadcas

About using this release

Please remember that you can take advantage of this release if you have active software maintenance only. To check your status you can either login to this web site and check your licensing status from the smsPULSE dashboard. Alternatively, you may check your smsPULSE installation by typing the console command "tell smspulse st".

To learn more about smsPULSE V4 click here.