Our latest release of the sms server for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino, with many updates and fixes Anonymousprnt::Y

smsPULSE V7.0 - January 1, 2012

smsPULSE V7 brings a range of significant changes to the server. The following are the highlights:

  • New communication protocol when using gateways - we have moved from pure HTTPS to SOAP over HTTPS
  • Structural changes of the server's internal working, which allows the implementation of multiple gateways interfaces. The first new gateway is Qtel, popular in the Gulf
  • Ability to provide smsPULSE under self-maintained accounts. This is usful when we deliver smsPULSE MM and the client wishes to manage thier own credits account
  • Added the ability to receive delivery confirmation behind the firewall and even during evaluation mode, too
  • A variety of changes covering better disaster recovery, overriding sender name, processing inbound SMS from short code numbers and many more
  • A new pricing model allows for much lower prices in small companies and higher prices for larger ones. This software also allows for the LVS (low volume server)
  • Reduced the size of the smsPULSE Windows server by some 30MB
  • We have also fixed a few bugs, improved the smsPULSE Web UI application and added context help to many of the admin options

SOAP and multiple gateways support

The main change in V7 is the restructuring of smsPULSE and the migration to using SOAP. This moves allows us to implement an interface to new gateways in territories where such gateways have gained prominance.  Very often such a gateway will provide better credit pricing for messages in the area. A client may already have a relationship with the owner of the gateway and using it for corporate SMS messaging may provide the client with further commercial benefits. The first gateway we have implemented, beyond the smsPULSE built-in, is Qtel. To visit Qtel click here.

The next gateway to be implemented into the server is the Unicell gateway, followed by American and Indian gateways. To visit the Unicell website, click here.

Please note that not all gateways are the same and various operational differences may apply. However, we expect that most of the smsPULSE functions will work on most gateways. Furthermore, it is important to understand that implementing a gateway interface only means that the current smsPULSE functions that use a gateway will be part of the integration. smsPULSE does not exploit all gateway features unless explicitly expressed. For example, the following functions will continue to be provided by smsPULSE as follows:

  1. Send and receive MMS over GSM/GPRS
  2. Inbound SMS via GSM
  3. Inbound SMS from the gateway provided the gateway can push such messages over HTTPS posts
  4. All communication must be available over HTTPS using SOAP

If you would like to discuss the integration of a particular gateway please contact us.

Note: Important note for clients migrating to V7 - please contact us and obtain a new license (free for clients on an active maintainance).  smsPULSE V7 will not work with existing license files but the migration is very easy and free.

Self-maintained accounts

From V7 it is possible to use smsPULSE with selective gateways and territories under a self-managed account. This means the licensee can purchase credits directly from the gateway. The license must be using smsPULSE MM edition for 100 users and upwards. Self-managed accounts are not available for clients based in the EU or existing   clients. 

The image above shows where you set these parameters using the smsPULSE Web UI.  Please note that the actual gateway used is embedded in your license or in the registration file, for the period of evaluation.

In the same image you can see that V7 brings new controls over sender names. The server also implements automated sender ID selection based on sender identity grouped by domain and business unit or internet name.

Delivery Confirmations

smsPULSE always offered delivery confirmation for both GSM and Gateway protocol users. Prior to V7, the smsPULSE server would have to implement an HTTP interface open publically to our gateway. Gateway delivery confirmations would then be pushed to the smsPULSE server externally.

From smsPULSE V7 the server offers the ability to pull delivery confirmation from the gateway. This allows clients to implement the smsPULSE server behind a firewall and not expose the server HTTP task externally. Please note the smsPULSE own gateway support both methods where some gateways only support a pull method. We believe that some gateways, including Unicell, support push to smsPULSE HTTP task only.  This method is more efficient but in all cases invisible to end users.

Further Information

Please consult the on-line help for further information about this release.  Click here for a complete searchable assistance.

Download smsPULSE V7

You may download smsPULSE for an evaluation or upgrade right away.  Click here to obtain the installer you require.