smsPULSE Version 8.1 Anonymousprnt::Y

smsPULSE V8.3.1 - January 14, 2014

  1. This is a quick patch fixing an issue with smsROUTER handling SMS chat.
  2. Also fixed an issue with sending commands using the Web UI when using Firefox.

smsPULSE V8.3.0 - January 4, 2014

The following is introduced in this version:

  1. New Web UI with fresh navigation
  2. Updates to the HTTP API including JSON esponses and HTTP POST
  3. Updates to SMPP error handling
  4. Better support for Organisational Units filtering
  5. New option for Router Rules on context routing
  6. Better handling of MMS collections and retry in case of network time-out
  7. Define own smsLINES retry policy
Bug fixes
As with every upgrade of smsPULSE we fixed bugs many of you were not even aware were there.  We continue to work hard to ensure smsPULSE is bug free.
  1. Eliminate smsLINES Service restart when no lines are defined
  2. Fixed the wrong behaviour of "default" router rule
  3. Fix an issue with sending consecutive test MMS
  4. Fix an issue with Journal icons showing delivery faults where non occured
  5. Fixed a number of minor bugs in the Web UI and the core server modules


You can download this version from now.  Click here to download.