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smsPULSE V8.1.3 - July 4, 2013

smsPULSE V8.1 adds an important protocol: SMPP.  With the introduction of the protocol we are introducing smsPULSE Enterprise edition. 

The following is introduced in this version:

  1. Ability to send and receive SMS via an SMPP connection
  2. Options to run an SMPP connection using an existing gateway smsPULSE account
  3. Ability to run with your own SMPP account using smsPULSE E (Enterprise edition)
  4. Ability to run simultaneously on a number of SMPP connections using smsPULSE E

Notes related to SMPP

  1. You will need to upgrade your license to use SMPP connections, or to use smsPULSE E
  2. Please note that you cannot send or get MMS using SMPP
  3. To enjoy MMS services you will need to use GSM or CDMA modems, which will work at the same time with SMPP
  4. To be able to receive SMS via an SMPP connection a number will need to be associated with your SMPP account
  5. When using SMPP as part of smsPULSE MM as an alternative to the smsPULSE gateway, a minimum 5000 SMS per month is expected
  6. To exploit the smsPULSE Multi-SMPP connections some limited programming or usage of one of the API is expected.  You can only balance your SMPP usage using this method, otherwise all your messages will run through the first SMPP server.

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Other enhancements

  1. Post SMS using text files - You can now send SMS using attached text files. Email a text file to smsPULSE and the server will open the file and send each line in it as a separate SMS, to a single mobile or a number of mobiles, at the same time.  You can generate such files using many different methods and avoid using APIs. Just email and get a response from smsPULSE
  2. Unicode - automation improved for a number of languages. Inbound SMS also support Unicode in SMPP and GSM
  3. Delivery feedback in sms.OUT - delivery failure will now be reported in email using sms.OUT - for example, if you sent a message using the application and closed it - an email will be sent to you if there was an error
  4. HTTP API - the API was enhanced to include an email address to deliver delivery notifications or failures
  5. System Name - you may now add a name to your system to allow you to distinguish between smsPULSE server alerts
  6. smsLINE Service monitored - we are now monitoring the service in case it fails to start.  And if it fails an email is sent to server admin
  7. updated - site updated and improved in many areas.
Bug fixes
As with every upgrade of smsPULSE we fixed bugs many of you were not even aware were there.  We continue to work hard to ensure smsPULSE is bug free.
  1. Fixed a range of bugs in the new smsLINES service, affecting long messages, unicode messages, MMS delivery notifications and more
  2. Fixed a minor bug in the installer


You can download this version from now.  Click here to download.