Integration options for smsPULSE clients covering both Standard and Multi-mode editions Anonymousprnt::Y

Integration Types

smsPULSE editions offer a variety of integration types and levels to your Domino environment. The following lists the integration options in order of rising complexity and functionality. The general options are:

  1. Use without any integration - install on your server and use 'as is'
  2. Add forms to your mail template and update some options, then update user's mail files
  3. Add smsPULSE API calls to existing application
  4. Route SMS messages to applications and create smsROUTER Router Rules
  5. Create agents which are invoked by Router Rules
  6. Create new applications which use the smsPULSE API

Anyone using smsPULSE can integrate with smsPULSE at any level. The skills required depends on the complexity of integration requirements but will often require no programming or, at most, Notes Macro Formula statements (for example: @If(@contains(smsbody;"claim");....)

smsROUTER is an integral part of smsPULSE MM and only with this version you can implement Router Rules. For smsPULE Standard Edition, smsROUTER is used for queue monitoring only.