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smsPULSE V6.1 - May 11, 2011

This is another major release for smsPULSE.  It brings a long list of enhancements in all areas of the product, with particular investment in the new Web Interface.

You can download smsPULSE 6.1 right away from this web site... just register, login, and download.  Please note that if you are a Domino user, only download the embedded server, otherwise download the Windows Server.


smsPULSE Core services

  1. Using your corporate directory to address messages name or group.  Until this release, when emailing a message to smsPULSE, you could use a name or a number.  If you used a name this will be resolved using look-ups into the smsPULSE built-in directory.  This includes a person name, group name (smart or simple), and a category name.  From this version you can also send messages to names in your main directory, including groups.  Groups may cascade and must be of type "mail" (recursive protection included).  Order of resolution is: smsPULSE directory then Corporate directory.  Always try person first, then group or category.  If you use the smsPULSE Windows server, ensure that you synchronize your Exchange Directory with the smsPULSE corporate directory so that name matching can take place.
  2. Relax domain verification on SendTo. You can now instruct smsPULSE to deal with all destination in the sendTo field as if these are aimed exclusively at it.  This makes it easy to address messages to the server and use varying destination names including IP Addresses.  In an environment where messages to smsPULSE arrive from say an Exchange Server, provided these reach the smsPULSE SMTP server, the messages will be handled correctly.
  3. Automatically stamp the sender name to messages. Added a global feature which automatically adds the sender name to a message sent via internal email.



  1. Exhaustive lookup on directories. Inbound lookups have been enhanced to perform more checks and increase matching.  This is particularity relevant if the numbers in a local directory do not include the country code and you have set-up the system to include a default country code for outbound messages.
  2. Automatically save matched ID in Save to Database action. This enhancement makes it very easy for Domino users to handle a saved document and match it to the sender record.  For example, if a person confirms an appointment, an agent will have the ID of the person instantly.  This enhancement is only relevant to Domino users.  For other users see the following new action type.
  3. Added new action type in Router Rules: "Submit HTTP Post".  This action will perform an http post using data in the incoming SMS message.  The post can be performed to any HTTP enabled server including Microsoft IIS.  This enable the target system to perform additional actions on the message in real time, such as performing a record update using a Stored Procedure, simple form post and so on.  At this time this feature does not support MMS.

The new HTTP Post is easy to use.  No programming required at the smsPULSE end



  1. New device parameters. We added new parameters for use by MMS lines.  These parameters inform an MMSC of the type of browser the device uses when connecting using RAS and the device profile.  It should however be noted that some telco do not appear to pay attention to this data, while others do.
  2. Fast smsLINES abort feature. Aborting smsLINES while in retry is now near instant, there is no need to for the retry cycle to complete.



The application has had a major upgrade and it now provides additional functions and fixes as follows:

  1. Password retrieval and change by end-users who use the Web UI for authentication
  2. Reduced default admin password length to 8 chars.  The default password setup still works in the same way as before, but it gets cropped to 8 chars
  3. Added new dashboard for end-users, with a facility for administrators to switch between these interfaces at will
  4. Access to your corporate directory and ability to send messages to those that have mobile numbers.  As a result, there is no need to import lists into the smsPULSE directory
  5. Access to your iNotes contacts directory (Domino users) and ability to send messages to them.  All your contacts show, including those without numbers.  It is also possible to maintain numbers from there, in place
  6. Added duplicate checking for contacts and groups in real time.  Please note that you are not preventing from posting a duplicate, you are only warned
  7. Shortcut letters in directories will now calculate dynamically to show letters used in your names, in any language alphabet
  8. Administrators have much more control over what users can do, including ability to create and see shared/public contacts
  9. MMS Image store added so that sending MMS can be shared
  10. All pop-ups are now using Dojo, including directory contacts editing
  11. Contacts import into the smsPULSE built-in directory added the option to import CSV file, in addition to Excel spreadsheets
  12. Administrators can now resubmit inbound SMS for reprocessing by smsROUTER
  13. Added styles and converted the CSS to use relative sizes onlyThe end-user dashboard - compact and easy to use. Available to admin users too.
  14. Added mandatory fields indicators
  15. Formulas used for computations are now validated in real time.  Formulas syntax is checked but of course the correctness of formulas cannot be verified
  16. Added ability to search Web UI users
  17. Improved performance when searching on all screens
  18. Added ability to mark favorite contacts at individual level or on a group of contacts.  This is a toggle, so if a contact is already a favourite, it will be demoted
  19. Added ability to delete messages from the outbound list.  Please note that if smsPULSE tasks are running, you cannot use this capability to "change your mind" about sending a message.  Only delayed messages will not be sent if deleted in such a way.

From this version smsPULSE Web UI replaces the need to use any other client software, apart from your own choice of email client of course.


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