Latest version of smsPULSE V4 onwards. Information on bug fixes and new features Anonymousprnt::Y

smsPULSE V4 - 4.2.0 - 4 April 2010


smsPULSE 4.2.0 resolves a number of issues:

  • Fixed an issue validating whitelists and blacklist for controlled senders
  • Fixed an issue validating additional domain when the main domain was very short
  • Fixed various minor issues in the GSM sub system.

New Features

  1. New Platform support - Windows 64 bit: From version 4.2.0 smsPULSE will be released in both 32 and 64 bit versions. The 32 bit version is available for Domino V7.0.3 upwards where the 64 bit version is available on Domino 8.0.1 onwards.
  2. smsLINES suspend and clear queues - smsLINES may be suspended before it starts brodcasting allowing an administrator to easily remove unwanted messages. Once smsLINES start you have over 15 seconds to issue a command to clear the queues by typing "te smslines killallmsgs" in the Domino console. There is no shortcut for this command.
  3. New Installer - smsPULSE now uses a more sophisticated installer which offers both 32 and 64 bit installations. It also deals better with open databases or templates which require replacing. The installer is much faster and due to better compression the size of the installer is circa 50% of the most recent version. Please note that you must have current maintainance to use this version.

smsPULSE V4 - 4.0.9 point release - 23 December 2009


smsPULSE 4.0.9 resolves a number of issues:

  • Fixed an issue with the GSM module when inbound SMS would not clear from the modem
  • Fixed an issue smsROUTER not properly redirecting messages to users with malformed phone numbers
  • Fixed an issue with auto-switch to other protocols when HTTPS disconnected
  • Fixed an issue with Router Rules documents which prevent them from saving.

New Feature

This feature is aimed at administrators who need to get a "birds-eye" view of smsPULSE system event over time. The sms.ADMIN database contains a new view which list significant smsPULSE task events and retains these for 28 days. To learn more about the Events view, click here.

smsPULSE V4 - 4.0.8 point release - 22 October 2009


smsPULSE 4.0.8 resolves a number of issues:

  • Fixes issues relating to selection of current
  • Better handling of Cell Key requests, when the current Cell Key does not match
  • Better handling when a GSM device internal memory does not empty incoming messages
  • Improved performance when multiple GSM devices broadcast

smsPULSE V4 - Major release - 10 May 2009

smsPULSE V4 brings a number of important changes:

  • A new multi-threaded Domino add-in tasked with handling all communications protocols, apart from HTTPS
  • New GSM engine with a wide range of new features, including support for TAPI devices over USB
  • Future protocols can now be added with relative ease, including SMPP, MM1 and MM7, based on customer demand
  • Support for Domino release 7 upwards only.

Name change - smsPULSE DM (Dual Mode) changes to smsPULSE MM (Multi Mode).

Enhanced architecture
smsPULSE adds a new Domino server add-in. This add-in (smsLINES) is an integral part of the smsPULSE MM server and it allows for two-way SMS in a multi-threaded environment. Multiple GSM devices work simultaneously in sending and receiving SMS messages. This add-in is also the harness for future protocols and new HTTPS gateways, other than our own.

Other changes include: GSM set-up is no longer done using a separate application. All GSM set-up is now performed with sms.ADMIN.  Licensing of GSM lines is also performed using sms.ADMIN, and can therefore be performed away from the Domino server, and using a Notes client. To see the updated architecture click here.

smsPULSE MM continues in the tradition of smsPULSE by offering a powerful SMS server for Domino at a reasonable price. For clients of smsPULSE or smsPULSE DM, who are currently on active maintenance, there is no cost to upgrade to smsPULSE MM V4. This applies to licensees who wish to continue and use a single GSM device. For clients who wish to have multiple GSM devices, please refer to the enhanced licensing options as additional GSM lines are priced separately. To see the current prices click here.

File names and process names
The names of the add-in are:

  1. smsPULSE: file name is nsmspulse.exe; process name is nsmspulse (old name was smspulse)
  2. smsROUTER: file name is nsmsrouter.exe; process name is nsmsrouter (old name was smsrouter)
  3. smsLINES: file name is nsmslines.exe; process name is nsmslines (no old name, additional threads are started depending on the number of lines)

smsLINES add-in
This new add-in now processes all protocols bar HTTPS. The HTTPS protocol is still processed by the main smsPULSE program. smsLINES is normally started by the smsPULSE task but may be started and stopped individually, too. Use this module to configure all GSM and other protocol lines without the need to use an external program. For more information about smsLINES click here

Please note that a new thread is started for each line you configure in sms.ADMIN database.   To see how you configure Communication Lines click here.

New GSM module
We have replaced the entire GSM sub-system with a brand new one.  New facilities and services include:

  • Support for GSM modems using COM ports (RS-232) and Windows TAPI devices connected over USB
  • No more separate GSM set-up application. For more information, click here
  • Delivery confirmation to the cell phone. Previously this was only possible with the HTTPS protocol with a configured sms.ACK database
  • Health checks take place every few seconds with email alert in the event of persistent problems
  • Automated Unicode handling. There is no longer a need to program Unicode conversion when using forms or the smsPULSE API.  For information about the API, click here
  • Automated long in-bound message handling, with automatic concatenation

Delivery Management
It is now possible to stop GSM delivery immediately. Only the current delivery will need to complete and any outstanding messages are stored until smsLINES is restarted. The risk of messages lost is therefore eliminated.

GSM Array
From this release smsPULSE supports multiple GSM devices working in parallel. This applies to both in-bound and out-bound SMS processing. If you have an existing GSM device this will work, out-of-the-box, with smsPULSE V4. Your application may require multiple GSM devices in order to:

  1. Broadcast a large number of messages quickly 
  2. Send messages from a different device so that the recipient sees a different number to reply to
  3. Process messages differently depending on which devices these arrive at
  4. Provide redundancy. If any of your devices fail mid flow, the device is disabled and any messages that are on its queue are re-distributed to the remaining devices automatically
  5. Easily connect multiple device to a single card, as shown here...

Upgrade Process
If you have yet to install smsPULSE on your server, simply download the software and run the setup.exe program on your server.  You do not have to shut it down.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, follow this process:

  1. Ensure that you are entitled to upgrade.  Check your license by logging into your account and click on License Access, as shown below...
  2.  Licensing information will be displayed, allowing you to email an updated license to yourself. Please note that the validity date (Supported until:) must cover the release of smsPULSE V4, 1st May 2009
  3. Check your mail for the file that was just emailed to you and replace the one on your Domino server with it.  The file is placed on the Domino data directory
  4. Download the latest software
  5. Stop the Domino server
  6. Upgrade the Domino server to version 7 if it is an older version
  7. Uninstall your existing installation of smsPULSE. This is not mandatory but is advisable in order to keep your server clean.  Please note that your operational databases will remain untouched, including your existing set-up
  8. Run the setup.exe and accept the defaults
  9. Start the Domino server
  10. Load smsPULSE. You will see various error messages, with complaints about the design of your databases not being up to date
  11. Tell smsPULSE to update the design of your databases by issuing the console command "tell smspulse design"
  12. If you were using smsPULSE DM you will now need to configure a Communication Line so start smsLINES by typing the console command "load smslines"
  13. Configure a Communication Line as described in the help file, and license it by clicking here

For information on Version 4.0.5 update, please click here.

Help and Support when you need it
If you are on active maintenance electronic support is free for you - so use it.  Click here to contact us.